Sound The


...of sound mind and body

Webster’s defines “healing” as “to make sound.”

We’ve all heard the expression “being of sound mind and body…” We’ve come to hear these terms figuratively, but if we go back to the ancients’ understanding of sound, we can better comprehend these modern phrases.

Sacred Sound

 Sound organizes matter. Instead of the word “energy,” the ancients used the concept of Sacred Sound. The “sacred ratios” found in nature were considered by the ancients to be a fundamental part of the human soul and psyche. 

Tuning Forks

 The use of tuning forks specially designed to the Pythagorean intervals creates a sympathetic resonance with the quality of Sacred Sound deep within us. This guides the individual back to the proportions of the sacred ratios, aligning his or her body/mind/spirit into more harmonic pattern. 

Noise Pollution

 The sounds of twenty-first century living are known to be major contributing factors to a variety of health problems. We know this as “noise pollution.” When we resist environmental sounds our bodies tighten, creating dissonance or dis-ease. Toning is the simple and natural process of making vocal sounds. Utilizing tuning forks and natural toning can harmonize your body/mind/spirit and transform “noise” into a healing energy.