The Ohashi Method®


What is it?

The Ohashi Method is a unique method of healing touch, that provides a profound energy balancing experience. It is based on thousands of years of Eastern philosophy and methods to healing adapted to meet the needs of the Western world. It’s also a method of meditation, and a way to improve your own health. Different from shiatsu and acupressure, the Ohashi Method was initially developed to keep the “giver’s” body healthy. The relaxed state of the giver makes a session more effective and comfortable for the receiver. It combines hands-on touch techniques, limb rotation and stretches, in a seamless flow of movement that leaves you both relaxed and energized.

What are the Benefits?

 Relief from common physical systmpons of stress, such as fatigue, joint pain, muscle tension, anxiety and headaches

Increased range of movement and flexibility

Deep relaxation and a more complete connection of body, mind and spirit.

Greater self-awareness

Revitalization of your Ki/Chi – life force energy

Body and mind stress reduction

Revitalization of your spirit

Better understanding of yourself, others and nature

Diedre specializes in shoulders, hips, back and neck.

What to Expect

The client lies on a mat on the floor wearing loose (or stretchy) clothing, making it ideal for those you are body conscious. The practitioner first assesses you through an Oriental diagnosis. Then, using palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows and/or knees, the practitioner moves around the body, applying the appropriate pressure for the type of energy in the targeted meridians. Applying stretches and limb rotations opens the meridians. By balancing the energy, the body and mind can follow its own natural impulse to heal itself. The deep relaxation of body and mind rejuvenates the client and induces a state of harmony and peace. 

How does it Work?

Eastern philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that there are meridians, or pathways, within the body that channel the Ki/Chi energy ~ our life essence. We experience this energy in the functioning of all our life systems, from digestions and respiration to higher reason and spiritual awareness. Any stagnation or imbalance within the meridian system can result in physical, psychological and emotional dis-ease. Through the application of touch, and stretching the body, in a smooth, continuous manner, the Ohashi Method helps restore health and well-being.

Ohashi Method® with Diedre

A Certified Ohashi Method® Instructor, Diedre has been involved with Asian healing for more than 25 years. She was also a member of the Ohashi Institute’s administration. Diedre brings extensive experience in teaching sports- and dance-related movements, as well as studies in sound therapy and natural health. With more than 40 years of public relations and management experience, she has a deep understanding of the stresses of corporate life and how important it is for business people to take time for their own health. The goal of Diedre’s work in to help people find balance so they may live happier, healthier and more serene lives.