QIGONG: The Original Healing Art


What is Qigong?

 Qigong (pronounced chee-goong) is a method of managing health that  has been practiced since ancient times in China. On any morning in the parks throughout China, you will find literally thousands of people doing Qigong practices.

Qigong consists of a variety of techniques, some employing the breath, some acting on the outer muscles of the body and others improving the operation of the various bodily systems. It is instrumental in the prevention and treatment of dis-ease, the maintenance and improvement of health, and in holding back the process of aging and extending life. 

What is Qi?

To fully understand Qigong, it is helpful to understand the concept of Qi. The word Qi is used to mean internal life force energy ~ the life    force energy found in all living things. “Gong” means to practice, cultivate, refine. Therefore, Qigong means to “enhance life force energy through practice.”  

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that life and health are a result of the harmonious flow of ample Qi through the body. All dis-ease is though to stem from a surplus or lack of, or disruption in the smooth flow of, this internal Qi. Acupuncture is based upon the belief that Qi circulates throughout the body along twelve major meridians. 


The Chinese believe that the primary mechanism that is triggered by the practice of Qigong is a spontaneous balancing and enhancing of the natural healing resources in the human system. The practice of Qigong triggers a wide array of physiological mechanisms, which have powerful healing benefits. 

¨ Increases the delivery of oxygen to the tissues

¨ Enhances the elimination of waste products

¨ Enhances transportation of immune cells through the lymph system

¨ Shifts the chemistry of the brain and the nervous system. 

¨ Passive stretching enhances range of motion and reduces pain.

Qigong is one of the most powerful  self-healing traditions every developed in human history. Using these methods for as little as 10 minutes a day can dramatically increase your endurance, vitality and longevity.                                                           


Diedre tailors each class to the needs of the participants.  She will guide students through Qigong forms to target areas of pain and stiffness, balance, posture, muscle and tension relief, and how to walk and move more efficiently.

Class Locations

Sundays & Wednesdays, 9am, Spa at the Woods, 53 Woods Lane, Killington VT 05751